When I was 7 years old, two significant events occurred: Ayrton Senna’s sudden passing and my discovery of anime (Japanese animated storytelling with diverse styles, colorful visuals, and engaging narratives.)

Back then, I had no idea these events would shape my future. This animated world that captured my attention sparked my interest in Japanese art, influencing my drawings and stories. This passion for drawing led me to study Graphic Design.

With a desire to create my own animation, I acquired the necessary skills. Eventually, I merged my research, love for the art form, and the wish to honor Ayrton Senna into the “Senna: Thunder Prince” project. It’s an animation showcasing key moments in Senna’s career.

I also aimed to inspire others with a limited budget and tight timelines, finding a way by combining limited animation with the style of Japanese manga and anime—a means for my work to come to life.

Senna Thunder Prince is my personal experimental project, where I handled every aspect – from illustrations and animations to conceptualization and research. It consists of two parts:

1: A 2D animation highlighting pivotal moments from the career of Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna.

2: A 150-page book providing insights into the project’s process, covering everything from concept development to the creation of illustrations and animations.